Changes to the Terms and Conditions

From 1.8.2020 onwards we will be adding an administration fee of 10€ for all of our invoices. This will affect you only if you have monthly invoicing enabled and are not using credit card or advance payments. To avoid the administration fee, please add a credit card to your details from My Account page or contact to ask details on how to use advance payments.

  • How can I add a credit card?
    Login to the My Account from here and add credit card information to your company information, link available on the left navigation panel.
  • How does advance payment work?
    We will give you our bank details and once the money has arrived, you will be given credits to your account. Contact your account manager or to get more details.
  • Can I continue as an invoicing customer?
    Yes, but please notice that you will get an extra 10 € administration fee on your future invoices.
  • When will the administrative fee be added to our invoices?
    The administrative fee will be added for all invoices sent from 1.8.2020 onwards.